Utterly Sublime
  • "October 8, 2014 18:19 My heart is so heavy. I was on my way home from school. It takes two rides to go home. The moment I got off the first jeepney. I walked a few steps to find a good spot for a jeepney stop. Not so far, I saw a man. Looking at his physique, he may be around his early 40s. I immediately knew that he was incapable. He was blind. I knew right then because of the stick he was holding. So there I was checking if what was he up to. I was thinking he might be a beggar. But as I look at him, he seem to be fine. Fine, i mean he was a fine man and not a beggar. I knew right then that I should help him. Because the only reason I could think of of why he was standing right beside the road was that he was waiting for a jeepney to ride. And it’d be impossible for a blind man to hail a jeepney if he couldn’t read what route it was. Depressingly, I stood behind him for so long that all I did was watch him stand there hoping for someone to help him. Of course, that could be me but I didn’t. Honestly, I was going to. But a minute earlier than my body was able to move, a young lady, about my age, offered to help him. Dumbfounded, I just stood there watching as the lady hailed a jeepney for the man and helped him get into the vehicle. I was happy though that someone helped him, but I was greatly disappointed by myself because why should I take too long if I am only going to help? I hated myself for hesitating. I thought to myself that I would have rather not see that man tonight to save myself from feeling this feeling of being useless and so ungrateful. Useless in a fact that I was me, complete and capable, but did not do anything to help. Ungrateful in a sense that upon knowing his case, I did not hastily helped him with no hesitation. All of a sudden, a line said by mom popped on my mind “Unsaon man nimo ang kaluoy kung wala kay buhaton?” I am so angry to myself right now. Wishing I could turn back the hands of time and did things differently. Arrrrgh! Then, I realized that it is not everyday that we are given the chance to help, so if opportunity knocks at your feet, grab it. Lesson learned. P.S. Pasensya sa grammatical error. :)"
  • 1 Obviously, I like blue but I’m obssessed with green. 2 I have like the worst feet a girl could ever have. THE WORST. 3 I could last a day watching only “He’s just not that into you” again and again. Esp Gigi and Alex’s part. 4 I have this weird addiction to oats. 5 I sometimes sound like a guy because of my deep voice. 6 I am often tagged as tomboy/boyish/lake but I never was, am and never will. Haha! 7 Has a huge crush on Patrick Stump, Dave Franco, James Franco, Adam Levine & Joseph Marco 8 Frustated painter 9 Scared of dolls, clowns and spiders 10 A Cumberbitch 11 I hate endings. I never read the last two chapters of any book, except for the Mockingjay. 12 I know I’m going to be a singer, songwriter & composer. Chos! 13 I’ve always wanted to be in a rock band. ✊ 14 Loves basketball. (the game and the players) 15 I am never organized. My mind is always at a state i could never understand. 16 I wake and sleep to the voice of Ed Sheeran 17 I don’t know how to ride a bike. 18 I can but I won’t memorize song lyrics, because when I do, I don’t like the song anymore. 19 Being called weird is a compliment for me. 20 I’m only doing this because I love the person who asked me. Char! Ovarrries ka lisod. Wasn’t expecting it’d require a lot of thinking. I hate and love you @jajugie 😝

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